Secure payments
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Secure payments

Secure payment with Secure Socket Layer 

It is completely safe to use your credit card at Tempted by Night. Payment is made via an encrypted SSL (Secure Socket Layer). SSL encryption ensures that no one can get hold of the information you enter when you buy from us. 

All payment transactions are handled by Denmark's safest payment gateway. When you pay with a credit eDankort the transaction is approved by TELLER / NETS through EPAY. If you pay with other types of payment cards will be accepted transmission of SEBBANK / EURO LINE through EPAY. 

You are protected against misuse of your credit card 

You better protected against misuse of credit cards by shopping online than if you shop in a physical store. When you use your credit card online, you can actually do this opposition and get your money back if you can show: 

  1. that you have not received your item 
  2. that your card has been misused by another 
  3. that is beyond an incorrect amount on your account without your permission. 
  4. that you regret your purchase before you received the product (for example, refuses to accept it or get it to the post office) 
  5. You may object by contacting the issuer of your payment - often your bank. The bank shall, without further evaluating the opposition, return it to you. 

Better off than if you shop in a physical store 

We use an encrypted SSL connection. This means that you are better protected against misuse of your credit card than if you shop in a physical store - there you have a deductible of 1200 kr. If your credit card is misused. By shopping with us you have no deductible, in the event that your card is misused because we use an SSL connection. 

You can read about all your rights online trading on [a brand's consumer hotline]. 


You can pay with credit cards and via online banking 

We accept followin cards

You can pay with credit card with us: 
VISA, e-Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Diners Club, American Express, JCB. We lift not actually charge your credit card when your order is shipped. Once the withdrawal takes place, you will receive a receipt for payment review. mail. 

eBanking Solutions 

You can pay with online banking solutions with us: Danish Bank online banking and online banking, Nordea Solo (NB: For bank transfer, you are not protected by the opposition procedure) 

Bank Transfer 

You can also pay by bank transfer. We send your goods as soon as your bank transfer is registered on our account. Our bank details are: Reg. .: 4001 Account No: 11 149 596 

We do not charge card fee - it makes the credit card companies 

You do not pay card fee to us. You pay nor short-fee VISA or eDankort. In contrast, pay all Danes a card-fee for international credit card companies when they pay - whether it's online or in a physical store: 

Danish Eurocard / MasterCard / VISA / Diners Club & Electron card: Fee 1.35% 
Foreign Master / Euro / VISA / Diners Club: Fee: 1.35% 
American Express / JCB: Fee: 2.95% 

Discreet payment - even on your statement 

As we provide a discreet transport packaging, then the text will appear on your statement be discreet. On your statement will NOT be but DMT Trading ApS.