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About cookies

What is a cookie? 

The first time you visit our site, we inform that we use cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is stored locally on your computer. When you log on to our website, our system can therefore recognize your computer. We use cookies to improve our customer service and optimize usability for our customers. 

Cookies can be used for example to remember what you put into a shopping cart, or you are logged into. They can also be used to see how you have moved around the site. In this way, we can optimize the content, making it even easier for you to shop and navigate our website. 

A cookie can not contain viruses and do not allow access to payment information. You can delete our cookies from your web browser when you are done shopping. 

How we use cookies 

About functional cookies 

Functional cookies are used to record information about the functionality of our website. It may be, for example, if you are logged in, or if you have placed items in the cart. Most functional cookies on our website are designed specifically to work on our site. But there are also translated functional cookies by third party - it could be, for example youtube.com if there are videos on one of our sites. 

About cookies for analytical purposes 

Cookies for analytical purposes collects information about your way through temptedbynight.com (in general terms). This kind of cookies are made specifically to work on different pages. We use include Google Analytic to collect data. 

About cookies for marketing 

We also use cookies Adform to measure the effectiveness of our advertising. That way we can make our website and ads, far more relevant to you. Adform not store any personal information on the site, and all data is anonymous.